Honeybee Removal & Relocation Service

If Honeybees have taken residence in your home or property, give us a call. We remove the colony and relocate them to a suitable apiary.

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Adopt a Hive Program

If you have access to plenty of land and would like to adopt a few hives please contact us. We provide beehive installation services and equipment.

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Support us by buying our merchandise

Please support our efforts to save the bees and the planet by purchasing one of our products or by simply donating. Thank you.

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Main Objective:

The Bee Army provides a clean eco-frendly solution to extermination of bees. We will remove the Hive from your home or property. We highly understand the nuisance these insects may cause if they choose to make a nest in any part of your home. We also understand the great role they carry in the survival of life on our planet. Thank you for not killing the Bees! Save the Bees, Call us to have them removed alive.