About Us


Our Approach

Our vision is to prevent the extermination of all bees. We want to provide information to the public about the importance of the survival of these genius insects that provide life to our planet. The less fear of these agricultural pollinators people have, the more we can work together to protect them.

Our Story

We have been working efficiently tranferring established hives from residential and public areas in order to keep both the public and the bees safe.

Meet the Team

Here are a few members of the bee species that provide their local environment with pollination services that no other creature or natural event could recreate.


The MAson BEE

Close Range Pollinator

Solitary Bees, usually live in a small tube on the wall or hidden away from everyone.


The Bumble Bee

Heavy Duty Pollinator

They work in smaller colonies, generally have a larger fuzzy body. Important part of the pollinator family.


The honey bee

Precise. Efficient. Sweet.

The most common to take residence in attics and other unwanted areas. They look for the perfect habitat to make a nest and wood is their favorite nesting material.

Next Steps...

If you are having trouble with bees or would like to understand these creatures,  please feel free to contact us for more information.