Adopt A Hive

Adopt A Hive program



If you have access to land and would like to help, let know about letting us use a piece to build a local apiary. Must Comply with local ordinance. You can also sponsor a hive by simply donating. ALL proceeds will go to tending the hives.




We want to provide the ultimate opportunity for anyone who would like to learn about beekeeping. We can provide you with your own hive, equipment, and training. You will just provide a piece of your home, love and time dedicated to these beautiful creatures.

As more and more swarms and hives we remove from the public, we will work hard to find them new homes.

One of our main goals is not to remove bees from the environment but to remove the danger of unwanted hives. We encourage people to manage their own hive and help out in the survival of these endangered species. Please refer to our information page to learn more about how important the bees are for the environment and how fun it can be to keep your bees. If you have space and curiosity to learn about bees and beekeeping, please feel free to contact us for more information. Schedule your consultation with a professional today!

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Provide us with your information and any questions you may have. Thank you!