Bee Rescue

We all know how important bees are for the health of the environment. Let's work together to keep them alive by calling us to remove and relocate the colony to a more suitable habitat.

Bee Adoption

Are you interested in keeping bees yourself? We can help! We have hives in the rescue yard that we wouldn't mind finding them a new home for.

Bee informed 

Check out our blog section of the website for updates in the bee community. Stay tuned for more.


Need equipment? We got you!

Buy your beekeeping equipment from us. We also sell honey jars. Support us, the proceeds will go to help fund the bee rescue operations. More The Bee Army merchandise coming soon.

Knowledge is power.

One of the many services we aim to provide is knowledge about bees to as many people as possible. Stay tuned to our blog and upcoming videos on how you can become a beekeeper or just safely conduct yourself around bees.


Next Steps...

Please contact us, we are happy to provide answers to any questions about bees you may have.